I am the Editor in Chief of JANARALA newspaper, Sinhala weekly published in Sri Lanka. When I was serving as the Editor of Lanka newspaper in 2009 I was arrested several times to stop my views on social injustice. During the presidential election January 2010, the oppressive authoritarian government of my country attempted to stop my newspaper by sealing the office and keeping me behind bars. Having kept 18 days at the infamous 4th Floor, in the Criminal Investigations Department, they released me without any charge.

As a journalist I have been fighting for social justice, freedom of expression and democracy. I was grown up in a war torn nation. During my school years I have seen discrimination based on nationality, caste, faith and wealth. Since my early age I have witnessed armed struggles in south and north. I strongly believe that those are the inevitable outcomes of what the leaders of our society being doing. This path of folly must be corrected somewhere, somehow. A journalist bears a greater responsibility in making it a reality. My duty, as I believe, to the society in which I was born is that.

My hometown is Menikhinna, Kandy. Education at Pathadumbara MV and then Dharmaraja College, Kandy. Although I studied bio science,being a writer, agitator against social injustice during the violent times of 1988-90, I preferred journalism, as a career.

Having written to alternative press in the beginning of 90s I got the opportunity to associate with foremost journalists like Dayasena Gunasinghe and Sunil Madhawa. To begin my journey as a journalist, joined the editorial of SITHIJAYA in June 1996. After getting firsthand experience in the turbulent times I was promoted as the editor of monthly magazine, which was the leading political journal at the time. I could lead a youthful group of voluntary journalists in their early time of career for nearly 6 years. Meanwhile, I got to know a newspaper called LANKA to be launched and the target readership would be those who are against social injustices. So, I joined the Sinhala weekly in March 2002, as a sub editor. After serving as the Feature editor and chief sub editor I became on of the senior most members in the editorial by 2008.

I was appointed as the Chief Editor in August 2008. I served my best to make Lanka a voice of the oppressed masses in Sri Lanka. However, certain so called political elements attampted to stop Lanka from reaching readers. With their success of ceasing thousands of printed copies of the ‘Lanka’ in the midnight of 29th September 2011, our voice was stopped merely for a week. Next weekend, 9th of October, we started printing the newspaper as Janarala.

Those who do not have Sinhala Unicode software,

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සිංහල අකුරු මෙතැනින් ගන්න

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